About Me

When describing me, the majority of clients use the words loving, intuitive, caring, extraordinary, ✨magic✨and a healer.

Healer? Me? When I first heard this word, it felt BIG, and too big for me to fit into. Healer did, however, resonate with me.

My whole life, I’ve felt different and didn’t quite fit in. I sensed things, I felt what others were feeling...children, adults, those with special needs, animals and even plants. During my ‘daydreams’ I often had ideas that guided me through tough moments. People would come to me and tell me their most personal and secret thoughts. Much later, I learned that all of this and much more made me an Empath.

There’s more. My grandmother had the gift of ‘knowing’. That gift was given to me to help those who come with troubled hearts, thoughts and souls. 

With great honor, I now know that this is my Life’s Work, to help those who come through my door and to me. 

Hi! I’m Luna, an empathic intuitive with the magical gift of knowing. Reiki is my gateway to  help you heal yourself. I’m here for you. Always. 


All Sizes

All Colors

All Ages

All Genders

All Beliefs

All Religions

All Types

All People

All Animals

You are safe with me.

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Luna Waverly

1600 South Lakeline Boulevard, Cedar Park, Texas 78613, United States

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